Amazon Supply for B2B: Is Promo Next?

Not surprisingly, Amazon is looking to extend its reach into the $8 Trillion B2B wholesale market. Their B2B site,, already boasts 2.2 million SKUs and they are on a hiring tear to help them in their quest to “rebuild civilization.” My good friends, Danny Rosin and Robert Fiveash of BrandFuel, talk of a doomsday scenario where they wake up…

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Downside Of The Data Fast Lane

Marketing data enables plenty of efficiencies for consumers. But convenience shouldn’t blind us to the potential hazards. Marketers, technology platform engineers and creative leaders are rewriting the rules of consumerism and technology by mining the wealth of information and analytical data arising from our online lives. This is happening at breakneck speed, thanks to the proliferation of intuitive, work-from-anywhere, cloud-accessible…

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The Surprising Role Of Schwag In The Birth of Twitter

According to legend, eBay was started as a way to locate PEZ Dispensers. Who knew that Twitter, which went public last month and is now valued at $22 billion, got its start at a good old fashion swag party? Let me explain.In July 2006, when Twitter was an unknown and fledgling texting service, an early employee (Noah Glass) attended a party called…

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Butterfly Cropped 1

Confessions Of A Forty-Three-Year-Old Social Butterfly

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you’d know that I live my life fairly openly and somewhat transparently. I’m the first to laugh and poke fun at myself when something humorous has happened by attempting to be witty on my wall about it. I revel in it when I make you laugh because I like to think I…

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3D Printing Will Change the Promotional Products Industry Forever

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you’ve likely seen evidence of my love for all things Star Trek (especially The Next Generation for you Trekkies who are interested). One of my favorite gizmos from Star Trek is the replicator. In the far future, this could be an amazing tool for the promotional products industry, as shown in…

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Jeffrey Geiger

The Tools I Use: Jeffrey Geiger

   Jeffrey Geiger is the marketing technology manager at Geiger. He can be reached at My love for technology began when I was given a computer as a child, and it began to turn into a career when I ran a web design company in high school. From there, I made it official by studying computer science at Clemson…

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Kill, Kill, Kill The Catalog

Mitch Mounger is CEO of Bellevue, Washington-based Sunrise Identity, a Top-50 distributor, member of QCA’s Distributor Advocacy Council and recipient of the Family Business of the Year and Best Place to Work awards by Counselor Magazine.  People always ask me, “What’s the next big thing in promotional marketing?” That’s the million-dollar question, right? If I knew the answer, I’d be the smartest…

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Getting Your Head–And Your Data–Into The Cloud

This post was written by Guest Contributor Dale Denham, CIO of Geiger and self described business geek. The hype is in full force around Google Drive. While some of it is deserved, the biggest benefit of Google Drive is bringing your attention to the value of the service provided by existing competitors. Google Drive is 5 Gigabytes of free storage in…

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You’re Not Who You SAY You Are, You’re Who You ARE

  Hey, Facebook, your future started on Friday, when, on the brink of the business world stopping to watch your massive money-grab disguised as an IPO, that often-crumbly but currently OK pillar of the old economy, General Motors, announced to the world that it was pulling its $10 million advertising budget from your coffers. It would have been my extreme…

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Pinterest Is Made For The Promo Products Industry. If…

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest Unless you’re Rip Van Winkle and have slept through the last 20+ weeks since Time magazine named this site to its 50 Best Websites of 2011, you’ve at least heard of Pinterest—the online pinboard-style social photo sharing website. I love, Love, LOVE Pinterest. And while I’m currently only using it for personal pinboards (you…

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