The only way we will grow to $50 Billion

You might not like it, but this is how … ​​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Now, before I start to receive hate mail and stink eyes, this has nothing to do with ASI. In full disclosure, here’s some background on me and some context for my comments. I started a distributorship (RIGHTSLEEVE) in the late 90s…

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You are worth more than a secret – or are you?

You are worth more than a secret – or are you? We are about to dive into a potentially divisive topic which may draw out angry reactions from some longstanding people in the industry.   The topic: industry secrets. Discussing our industry secrets encompasses more than divulging price codes or supplier names. It’s about individuals and organizations talking openly about how…

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leadership ballet

Leadership – Discipline, Patience, Rehearsal, and Talent

The following article was written by Mary Ellen Harden, President of Wall Street Greetings. Leadership is like ballet – if it doesn’t look easy it’s a disaster. As a graceful ballerina pirouettes on stage the audience admires the ease with which she balances twirls and floats. Most spectators don’t even think about the tireless rehearsals, strenuous athletic training, and strict…

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PK Podcast #74 – Seth Barnett

In today’s episode we are going to look at the aging state of the promotional products industry as it pertains to our workforce. While age translates into experience and stability, we also need to position our industry as attractive to the younger generations. Other industries like media, advertising, and technology are great examples of sectors that have done a good…

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What Would Make Me Feel Good Right Now?

This feature was written by PromoKitchen Chef Jessica Hutwelker  Sunrise Identity If you’re anything like me, honoring ourselves and our needs is one of the hardest things to do.  From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed, often times it seems that the day does not belong to us.  It belongs to serving everyone and…

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The Evolving Salesperson: How Understanding Personality Traits Can Help You Grow

By Mary Erdmann, PromoKitchen Contributor They say, “Salespeople are flaky.” They say, “Salespeople are shift.” They say, “Salespeople have a personality all of their own.” Well, I happen to believe that they are, in fact, right! Whoever they are… I am an evolving person. I guess. Not by choice, but I have evolved. I recently went through a huge transition in…

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Who’s Your Promise Keeper? (And Do They Know The Promise They’re Keeping?)

So you own your own business. You’ve been in operation long enough to feel comfortable calling yourself a “business owner.” You have repeat customers that call you when they’re looking for an idea. This is all very good news. It’s also an excellent time to take a moment to reflect on your path to this point and consider the direction…

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Stillman dogs

A Special Brand Of Fearlessness

First I want to say that being a leader requires the ability to get people to follow you.  Sounds elementary and obvious, but to really create a following you must poses certain skills and charisma that make people feel they are following something that will either benefit them or a cause they believe in.  For the purpose of this article,…

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planet apes

The Distributor-Supplier Relationship: One Distributor’s Perspective.

With 20 years in the industry, I have seen a lot. I’ve been on the other end of the phone trying to get information from a supplier about a $10,000 opportunity, where the supplier said they would call me back within the hour with the basic stock and pricing information I requested – and I never received a call back….

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Boat Burn

How To Lead Today

Paul Kiewiet, MAS, is a speaker, coach, writer and the executive director of MiPPA. Leadership is not about being liked. It’s about doing what’s right. This means being visionary and looking beyond your corners of the promotional products world. It means that as a distributor, you must strengthen the supplier channel and vice versa. You must ruffle feathers, or you’re…

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